South Portland Land Trust is a nonprofit organization with an all volunteer board. Each person shares the commitment to linking neighborhoods and improving quality of life in South Portland. The board holds overall responsibility for governance, fiscal oversight, and financial development for the organization. They are the decision-making body that guides the activities and actions of the land trust. Additionally, the land trust has a Program Manager, who manages day-to-day activities.

We welcome committed citizens from all backgrounds to our board. If you would like to learn more, contact Dugan Murphy, Program Manager.


2019 Board of Directors

Richard Rottkov, Board President

Jeff Ryan, Vice President

April Bolstridge (non-voting), Treasurer

Sarah Stickney, Secretary

Steve Jocher

Tom Blake

Mary Linneman

Kate Lewis

Chelsea Scudder

Craig Gorris

Brad Fox

Robert Morrill

David Knowland

Susan Osborne

Peggy Stewart


Dugan Murphy, Program Manager

Dugan Murphy is a consultant on retainer for South Portland Land Trust. He is responsible for the overall operations of the organization, including supporting the board, volunteer and project management, communications and marketing, fundraising and development, building partnerships with key stakeholders, and overseeing SPLT's portfolio of easements and properties. He will be serving as Program Manager until the end of 2018.